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Another Nigger Dead- an excerpt

February 21, 2017


the filed man laughed and said nationalization is the answer a reporter jested what is the question the filed man laughed and said neocolonialism is the the problem and a boy asked whence comes neocolonialism the filed man laughed and said from the west of course and a cynic said we are lucky for weve […]

And Adewale Died

September 15, 2014


Here, Adewale lies, lonely and forsaken In a dusky, desolate chamber Sweat-marinated pallet, voluntary walls of solitude encircles his limp form. * Espy closely Nature’s pure work, Maligned by the insidious terrorist. Observe the fevered brow, the slowly dissipating wisp of energy. See there, his face a defeated visage of hopelessness. * STAND BACK! It […]

SUNSHINE SONG by Sodiq Alabi.

July 24, 2014


SUNSHINE SONG by Sodiq Alabi..

Questions for Obatala

April 3, 2013


    When the six gods asked for that mammoth moment We dutifully obliged their ruinous request How then could they repay Our loyalty with such gift of goons?   Basorun Gaa IV the Homeless; We didn’t step on his roaming chickens When he couldn’t save them from the killing cold Did we?   We […]

The Day after Yesterday

February 17, 2013


The Day after Yesterday.

The Day after Yesterday

February 16, 2013


  It rained yellow yesterday Elephants called for Lion’s ouster We could dance through the land In brown socks Lord Bold wore We could disregard the weather warning Weather men are ignorant of fun in storm.   And when we wake hung over We can shout whazzup It rained cessation in Lagos hours ago Our […]


February 9, 2013


  Let us say we do not walk                         On the ground plated with oil For that fear of dry-slipping                         And ridicule from mates.   Let us say we dance on the coals                         Red with envy of palm fruit And our soles left scared                         Bristles but not burnt.   Let us say […]