Self-Medication (Day II)

Posted on August 28, 2014


  Prescription?Oh that? Today. I’m glad you are here early. We may be friends after all. See, I love people who take punctuality serious. We all know about that Nigerian who goes to the US embassy two hours ahead of his visa appointment there but attends his neighbourhood meetings two hours late. No one likes that Nigerian, I can assure you. Why? Because 90% of Nigerians are that Nigerian! Don’t be a learner, friend. Don’t.

So before I tell you about this prescription of a thing, let me tell you something about myself. I love reading the news. I think I’m addicted. Like I would go to the toilet with my Tecno and feast on some depressing news while unloading. I start with Facebook and crawl through my newsfeed featuring fellow addicts who share nothing but news article and stuff related. I follow their links and land on places as diverse as Vanguard and Nairaland, and sometimes that failed model turned celebrity blogger’s blog or her copycats’. I tend to beat retreat whenever I stumble onto celebrity blog though, life is too short to be spent reading about some angry actress beating her sister’s lover up. I don’t think I want to know how much some singer’s singlet costs in Dubai either.

Anyway today in the toilet while discharging some loads of processed/ misprocessed/unprocessed dinner, I read couple of news articles of an impeachment some find funny. I think the now erstwhile deputy governor got  what he deserved. See, no one likes chicken.

Why? Oh that? Tomorrow. Be here early. ”

Credit- Junk Culture

Credit- Junk Culture