Posted on August 27, 2014


I want to be writing every day. I just made this decision now and you are the first person I’m telling. I will be writing at least 200 words of prose every single day. This is my own prescription, to what, you ask? Or is it for what? I have to admit that prepositions tend to confuse me sometimes so you have to forgive that. I am working on it, so stop complaining! LOL.

Prescription. That was where we were before I digressed, you will be seeing a lot of digression in this daily masturbation. I come from a tradition where digression in speeches is not only allowed it is in fact expected. You do not rush elders when they inundate you with boring legends of Oya and Ogun instead of simply telling you off for eating too much. In my place, you do not say stuff like ‘can you get to the point already?’ That is rude, my friend, and rudeness we do not condone. So if you plan to punish yourself with my keyboard acrobatics, then be prepared for some digression. Loads of digression to be honest. But it will worth your while in the end, it will. Don’t count on that though. Don’t. For your own sake.

Prescription? Oh that? Tomorrow. Be here early.