Questions for Obatala

Posted on April 3, 2013




When the six gods asked for that mammoth moment

We dutifully obliged their ruinous request

How then could they repay

Our loyalty with such gift of goons?


Basorun Gaa IV the Homeless;

We didn’t step on his roaming chickens

When he couldn’t save them from the killing cold

Did we?


We weren’t the crooks who denied him shoes

When Otuokpe’s floors rivaled Sahara’s cruelty

Were we?


We couldn’t have stolen his threatened smiles

When such commodities were in demand

Could we?





Then tell us, Obatala

You who know the direct route to Serengeti’s salt

And once drank wine from Eledumare’s own gourd

Why your messiah has marched to General

Our endangered lizards and poor puppies


Obatala, vicegerent of the great God

Why has he withdrawn the very salubata

Our heady children hated to sport

And replaced it with jaded words

Their soles left to the malice of the angered grounds.


Drunkard god, tell us!

Why our saviour has seized our smiles and chuckles

And store away our humanity in bankrupt caves

Why, Obatala, why! 

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