Posted on April 3, 2013


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Me, I have no special holidays. Christmas, New Year Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, not even my Birthday which I always remember when someone wishes me “Happy Birthday in arrears”.

Certainly, and most definitely, I don’t do “All Fools Day”. Everyday is a day to fool around. Maybe that is why I always got punk’d on Every April 1st. This year, I had made plans. I have marked April 1 on my calender to “be wary of punksters” and to “punk first before you are punked”. I was really on guard. I couldn’t wait for the new day to begin to launch my fool-proof plans for April Fools. Once it clocked 12 O’Clock midnight I made a mental note to not take any call from an unknown number, or a hidden caller ID. The memory of how I got punk’d with a phone call last year is still very fresh, and…

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