The Day after Yesterday

Posted on February 16, 2013



It rained yellow yesterday

Elephants called for Lion’s ouster

We could dance through the land

In brown socks Lord Bold wore

We could disregard the weather warning

Weather men are ignorant of fun in storm.


And when we wake hung over

We can shout whazzup

It rained cessation in Lagos hours ago

Our Selasphorus sojourned upward

We ask, when did Lagos become a stop over

For the America trip to the mystery garden?



We do not know

We cannot know

Tenth of a million dogs on leash for fifty wary weeks

Turned loose on drained Nigeria

Yesterday, again by clueless guardians

Hungrier canines to join the millions kwashiorkored

Desperate hunting for cornered games and meatless bones

Have we forgotten, cannibalism is just a survival response?

Aba, 15/02/2013

Posted in: Poetry