Demonlogy 520: Intro Mimo

Posted on July 31, 2012





The streets of Abuja and those of Abidjan

Are littered with orphaned ill-conceived vision

Of those with semi permeable sight

Just like the flying water sachets in Mokola

(Some beautification gone awry?)



Seldom removed, never used, often abandoned

Evidences of wasted expensive divination

And relics of hopeless cowries casting;

Apparent handiwork of skill-less artists with no kits.

(They must have had magic teeth instead)



The rogue captained ship perpetually in perdition
Favorable wind, sound machines and great hands

Have continuously proved incapable of saving
The timid passengers from being chauffeured to hell

 (What a huge price for their inactivity!)


Small pan of Copper is the worth of a life
Except in the ritual market or poll centers;
We ve seen people cancelled like programmes
We know men that cancel like viruses
(That must be some deflation, huh?)



Schooling;  compulsory, useless, redundant
Clerkship now requires a doctorate

And directorship is for the blind

Ensuring the fattening of the fat dogs

(Darwin must be proud in his shallow grave.)



The middlelers extinct, never to be heard of
The uncivil servants routinely beg for peanut
And the anointed herdsmen deny the known facts
The oppressed surprisingly concur in the fraud

As they force a smile to conceal their suffering.

(Didn’t Fela make a song for them?)



(Perhaps they are waiting for divine action?)

But there is nobody for them but themselves
For clearly the deaf gods are all on sabbatical

And their clueless deputies on arrangee recess

All of them unavailable when requested .


It should take no Gemini North to clearly see

That these people in the open are dying

And this place is in frightening despair
But this oppression left unchallenged

Can only grow more branches and deeper roots.

(Is this poet right? Is he?).


(Sometimes in 2008 under a different title. Edited in June, 2012)



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